My 10 Favorite Photos of 2011 — 10 Comments

  1. Looks like you’ve had a good year. Congrats on the new plane. Coincidentally that was my dad’s first plane also. I’ll never forget the first turbulent ride I had in that plane with lots of air pockets that day. I was perhaps 5 yrs old and was so scared I cried myself to sleep during the ride. My mom apparently made him cut the ride short. Once down, I woke up and wanted to go up again. To this day, I love hitting those air pockets even in the big commercial airliners.
    Favorite image? For me it’s no contest…. the trail runner. Hope you get lots of sales off that one. Happy New Year.

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  3. Thanks, Steve- Nice to hear from you. Yes, those little Cessnas are great planes!! Really cool that you grew up with one in the family. Do you remember the tail number? Best of luck for you in 2012 as well! -Dan

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