• […] Here is some more glacierscape RAW vs. JPEG testing with both the XE-1 and the X20. […]

  • Jerry Russell says:

    Great post! Thanks for taking the time. When I had an X10 I shot JPG exclusively but I’ve been shooting both my X-E1 and X20 in raw. For some reason I convinced myself that the X20 needed raw. But after picking up an XF1 last week to replace my X10 I did some comparisons and found that there’s really no reason to shoot my X20 in raw most of the time. In fact I found that the XF1 and X20 JPG images are almost indistinguishable in normal viewing sizes despite the XF1 having the X10 sensor.

    I really enjoy your images because they’re a great reminder that there’s so much more to making a great photo than sensor size. Your X10 and X20 images fit in seamlessly with much of your other beautiful work.

  • Dan says:

    Thanks for the comments, Jerry. I agree, I’ll probably put my X20 back in JPEG mode and keep it there 95% of the time.

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