• I wrote nearly the same thing when I found the D700 was discontinued. When I bought my D800 I knew it would never replace my D700 for most of my work, indeed it was truly one of the finest cameras Nikon ever designed. The D800 is my backup camera while my D700 still rocks on after 251,000 clicks.

    Here’s a few thoughts I had on the subject:

  • […] Yes, the D800 is an incredible camera that is the right choice for many photographers. However, there are some very valid reasons that you should not count out the D700.(Edit- August 24: Nikon has discontinued the D700. It’s still an awesome and relevant camera, and as of right now, it’s still my main DLSR body. Read my thoughts on this matter and my hopes for what may follow.) […]

  • carl says:

    Well, I have my two D700s and, while there might be a D800 in my future, there’s no way I’m tossing my D700s into the used bin. The camera is great and I’m hopeful I’ll have many more years of usage.

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