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The Art of Bikepacking Presentation, July 16 in Anchorage

By Dan

July 15, 2014


Tomorrow evening, Wednesday July 16 at 7PM, I’ll be taking part in a presentation called The Art of Bikepacking. The event will be hosted at the Bicycle Shop on Dimond Blvd., here in Anchorage, Alaska, and it will feature a diverse range of stories, displays, and expertise on bike routes, how to plan and pack for a trip and of course, lots of adventure bike photography.

This is where I come in. I’ll be giving a short presentation during the event about my own history of bikepacking and cycle touring, specifically regarding the camera gear I currently use, how it’s evolved over the years and what I recommend to other bike touring photography enthusiasts.

In addition, Revelate Designs founder Eric Parsons will share his own stories and expertise about bike trips and about the bikepacking gear that he’s developed over the the years. (Longtime readers might remember that Eric and I did our first “real” bike tour in 2001 in Ladakh India.)

The event is being planned by Nicholas Carman, an accomplished cyclist and all around good guy, whose site Gypsy By Trade is a renowned resource for bike touring info. Nicholas is days away from heading over to explore new riding routes in the Carpathian Mountains and he’ll be giving a talk about bikepacking in Europe.

This is a free event and it’s sponsored by Salsa Cycles, Surly, Adventure Cycling, Revelate Designs, Velo Orange and Bunyan Velo, which means that there will be a number of great prizes to give away. So far, the pile includes touring racks, cycling caps, lightweight bike bags, water bottles, socks, shirts, route maps and a complete Adventure Cycling Great Divide Map set.

If you’re in town, ride your bike down to the Bicycle Shop and enjoy an evening of food, beer, photography, gifts, bikes, fellow bike enthusiasts and fun! You can even see my new Salsa Fargo, all packed and ready for adventure! 

Click here for more info.

Eric Parsons experiences Himalayan “Road Construction.” Ladakh, India.




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