Walking on Ice: Photo Excursion to the Knik Glacier — 11 Comments

  1. Looks like a really cool trip. I’ve always wanted to get out there. It’s frustrating that it’s so close, but so much work.

  2. Looks like the wind turned your day trip into quite a little adventure. 8243 and 9898 are my favorite images. Interesting angle on the wing tie down rope considering your into the wind. No chocks, or can you lock the brake?

  3. Fantastic story and exceptional photos Dan! Your adventurous spirit is a huge inspiration for us all to get out there and see these amazing places and make some extraordinary photographs while we’re at it.

  4. I can’t lock the brake, but I tied the tail down and the other wing as well, faced the plane into the wind and secured the yoke with the seatbelts and a bungee cord so that the wind won’t blow the ailerons up and down. A strong head wind wouldn’t blow the plane backwards, it would lift the wings, so as long as you tie them down, it should be secure. In theory, anyway.

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