• Brian Gardel says:


    Great photos, as always. I love the blog too! Looking forward to the next trip up to Roger’s Pass with you. Such a magical place.


  • Eric says:

    Nice Dan,
    I didnt know you were out shredding glacier runs.
    With my video camera now, I still think the hardest part about getting footage or photos for that matter is getting your friends to be patient while you get your gear ready…
    nice man!

  • Dan Bailey says:

    The whole “No Friends on a Powder Day!” thing. That’s definitely the hardest part about shooting skiing. That and the looks from your friends when you say, “How about I ski this great line first… you know, so that I can get shots of you guys coming down from below…!

  • Ryan says:

    great photos dan. great blog. Hope to join you guys next year!

  • Boyd says:

    Amazing “work” at Rogers Pass Dan. Too many great photos to pick a favorite…

  • doug says:


    Great shots. I frequently go to Alaska’s Chugach and have considered bringing D200 or D2h along to capture the experience and terrain better. What system have you found works best for bringing along such gear? Pack within your pack or separate? I’d be interested to know. Thanks for sharing.


  • AnitaMac says:

    Great images. Love the telemark shot – the solo track down the mountain and how small the person is in respect to the magnitude of nature – great shot.

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