• Charlie says:

    Great post Anne 🙂 I wish you all the luck your hard work can bring you and more 🙂

  • Russ Bishop says:

    Good for you for taking the chance Anne. It’s too easy to pass on the great opportunities that really define your life (and work). I’ve really enjoyed following your travels and clearly you are a richer person for having taken the leap.

  • Ken Hurst says:

    Anne, you know how I feel about this philosophy – I’m right behind you – maybe by a couple of years – but this is also a direction we’re heading whenever all the pieces fit together. It will be great to be able to see more of the world but almost as good will be liberating ourselves from “stuff”. I’m very excited for you and your husband and I look forward to hearing more about your adventures (and the more mundane as well)! You summed it all up well in your article.


  • Hi Anne,
    Funny reading this. Just after our son was born, I suggested we think of selling and use the money to travel. We didn’t. Now we’re in negative equity in a depressed market. I totally agree that debt is absolutely keeping me doing things just to feed it.

    Fair play to you.

  • Great Post Anne and Dan. This is very inspiring and very much confirms my own thoughts on the subject…it’s high time I execute my escape plan 🙂

  • Oliver says:

    You are so right: life is a collection of experiences and memories – owning stuff won’t give you the intense experience that you get by travelling and exploring the world.

  • Thank you everyone for all your kind comments and words of support. It’s good to hear that the article resonated with people and may have even inspired some to take their own leap and formulate escape plans!

  • Awesome post Anne and so true about the debt thing!
    I have a lot of respect for you taking this chance in your life.

  • Michael says:

    If your work is consistently at this level, I expect you will do very well! Michael

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    Terry Bourk

    I have read you new book “Behind the Landscape.” I could not “put it down” meaning that I kept at it because each photo you presented/analyzed was interesting and informative. I am trying to develop an eye for composition (both the scene and the light).

    Thank you! The examples you present and the suggestions are very helpful. Purple Mountains, McKinley River and Wonder Lake are fascinating.

    Roger Sinclair

    You have done it again! Another triumph.

    Your generosity to share, the clarity of thought and concise explanation thereof is brilliant. Perhaps I should also mention the beautiful photos and the talent necessary to produce them.

    Thank you, Dan.