• […] trying to figure out what else I might do if photography continued to fail. As I mentioned in my Top 10 Highlights for 2010 post, I spent about five solid weeks doing online technical writing, which serendipitously evolved […]

  • For me the highlight of 2010 was discovering and developing my passion (or is it obsession?!) for photography. I’ve always been interested in it and have been yearning to buy a DSLR. This year I finally took the leap and was amazed at how much I enjoyed it. I have started my own photo blog where I post some of my better photos – – and started participating in online photography forums. This has given me the opportunity to meet great photographers who have provided me with invaluable feedback!

    My goals for 2011 is to continue honing my skills (especially on the creative side of things) and hopefully get the opportunity to have at least one photo published!

  • Dan Bailey says:

    Chris- Good for you for discovering and developing your passion and for making the jump into buying a DLSR! Best of luck with your photography this year, I hope that you continue to learn and improve your skills. Keep checking back here for regular tips and insight!

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