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  • jim says:

    cool gig! how do I get to be a famous adventure photographer like you? weren’t you worried about that seat belt?
    At first I thought the 10 PM start must be a typo, but I get it now. endless days!

    some great images. have they decided which they will use?

  • Dan,
    The misty mountain magic that engulfs that big rock is a wonder in itself. I’ve done that flightseeing trip, and it is spectacular. Kudos to you for paying the dues for waiting out and targeting the right weather. Are you going to show us a few of your favorite shots from the shoot or are they locked up until after publication? Additionally, besides your self portrait with the 17mm, did you not find that way too wide to shoot with? Oh, I forgot, some of those cameras may not be full frame. Additionally, I’m surprised you did not have a longer lens to pick up some detail shots of the mountain ridges, or was this not in the desired scope? And finally, I’m happy to hear there are a few thrilling assignments circulating out there…

  • Dan Bailey says:

    I mostly shot medium to wide shots, as the focus on the assignment was to get a cover worthy aerial shot of the entire mountain, or as much of it as possible. With limited time in the flight, that’s about all I had time for. The wide angles actually did quite well, and with the D300 and D700 I had a thorough variety of focal length/magnifications to choose from. Photos to follow after initial publication by the client. Yes, it’s a good sign indeed that there is work like this out there, I’m hoping that more comes along as the year progresses!

  • This is awesome Dan! What a priviledge!

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