The Photography Gear I Can’t Live Without — 5 Comments

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  2. All great tips Dan, thanks for sharing! Just out of curiosity, about how much does the camera and lens set up that you use with the Gorillapod weigh? I saw on its specs list that it can support up to about 6 lbs. Do you think this is true, or it can hold a little more or less?

  3. I’ll have to try those eneloop batteries – thanks. You should try the extreme pro cards at 95MB/sec. Very useful when you bracket your shots.

  4. Jody, 6 lbs. is about right. It will hold a DSLR and a 70-200mm lens find on the ground, but you probably won’t be able to wrap it on a pole and have it stay. I have wrapped smaller cameras/lens and flash setups, though. D700 and say a 24mm lens, or the X20- works fine.

  5. Steve, I haven’t tried cards any faster than around 45-60MB/sec. They’re pretty fast, but I am interested in seeing what those Extreme Pros can do!

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