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  • Rick says:

    I read on one of the sites (DPR?) that the 18-55 lens was pushed beyond its good sharpness range by the 26mp sensor, and all the images were soft. Not being a scientist, or even staying in a Holiday Inn last night, seems strange that 2 mp would have a meaningful difference- tho you mention the new processing, which i’d have thought would likely result in same or better performance.
    Have you had much experience with the 18-55 on the X-T3? If so, what is your judgement of the sharpness of the X-T3 vs X-T2. I have no desire to go to the 16-55 lens (size and weight), so that would affect a decision to stay with the X-T2 or go to X-T3.

  • Rod Lamb says:

    Thanks for the helpful review. How did you find the improved viewfinder over the xt2.

  • Dan says:

    Rob, I didn’t notice a huge improvement. The normal refresh rate on the X-T2 is 60 fps, and 100 fps in boost mode. With the X-T3, it’s 100 fps all the time. So yes, technically, it’s better, but it’s pretty hard to see. With some scenes you might see a difference, or perhaps when shooting video. You will see shorter blackout times, though, especially when using the different shutter options.

  • Dan says:

    Rick, I did not use the 18-55 lens with the X-T3 when I tested the camera last month. However, given the fact that Fuji is offering the 18-55 as a kit lens option with the X-T3, I’m not sure I would believe that there is a noticeable loss in quality. If there’s anyone who knows how to make glass and lenses, so I don’t believe that a 2 MP jump in sensor resolution would make any difference either. The 18-55 is a very sharp lens.

    Also, I would take stuff you read on DPR with a grain of salt. I would bet money that none of the X-Photographers who tried an X-T3 would actually post that kind of analysis on DPR. That site is often notorious for overly critical pixel peepers. I did try the X-T3 with numerous lenses, and they were all very sharp.

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