Snow Biking Action Photography, Alaska — 9 Comments

  1. I like this series, I especially like the Big Air one myself as well. Once again thanks for sharing your tips on how to create such spectacular photographs..

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  3. Nice ! I love posts like this that show the setup and the thinking behind the shot. That WhiteDome looks pretty sweet. Does it setup pretty easily? Love that it is so compact.

  4. Thanks, Matt. Yes, the WhiteDome sets up very quickly. Like all the Photoflex softboxes, you just pull it out of the bag, lay it out on the ground and stick the rods into the speedring to give it it’s shape. A few minutes, tops. Even when it’s cold. You can also use the WhiteDome with a regular speedlight, you just need the Shoe Mount Clamp, which actually comes with some of the softbox kits.

  5. Thanks Dan! If I am understanding it correctly in addition to the WhiteDome I would also need the speedring and the shoe mount clamp to utilize this with say my 580EXII? In looking at the link at BH I couldn’t tell if the speedring was included or not. It looked like it wasn’t.

    I actually do like the last image in this series. Even without the cool sky it offers up a great action shot. I’m heading up into the snow tomorrow for some snowshoeing so hope to come back with some interesting adventure shots of my own.

  6. Yes, you need the basic speedring and the shoe mount clamp, which would then allow you to use any Photoflex box with your 580EXII. Some of the soft boxes come as kits, like the Octodome NXT kit, which include the ring and shoe mount.

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