• hi! I also had a similar experience. I slipped on some rocks fell down and had to let go of my d300 with my 80 200 2.8. It was on a monopod so it was worse. The camera works, but the exposure/compensation, mode and on/off buttons dont work anymore. Now I only get S mode. Do you think I should send it to nikon. It is a 6 month camera. thanks

  • CXN4689 says:

    Impressive!D300 is so durable~Glad to see no serious damage to your D300~

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  • I have destroyed two hoods to date (one was a small mountaineering fall, the other was in an avalanche) but haven’t managed to damage any of my bodies or lenses. That stuff is sturdy.

  • Paul Conrad says:


    Nikon builds some strong gear. I’ve tumbled many a time snowboarding with my D1H and D200 only to pick up them up and keep shooting.

    Just recently, I tripped over a curb shooting a structure fire with my D300s and only received a slight scratch on it.

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