• […] I try their new Triton flash kit. I have been curious about the kit since I read my friend Dan Bailey’s review on the system, so I figured I’d give it a go…a few days later a box arrived at my door […]

  • […] background can either be a white board, or a suitably sized softbox. I used my Photoflex TritonFlash to blast the subject from the back, which created the sea of white. Depending on how close I was […]

  • […] my full review of the TritonFlash, and see the detailed, how-to setup behind this snow biking […]

  • […] at each race with a slightly different approach. Whereas the previous two weeks, I shot with my Photoflex TritonFlash battery powered strobe, this time I just brought a couple of Nikon Speedlights, one fixed to a […]

  • […] in Anchorage was one of my favorites from last winter. It was made with the added blast of the Photoflex TritonFlash battery powered strobe and WhiteDome softbox, both of which performed just fine in the sub-zero […]

  • […] outside into the outdoors for awhile now, but last winter I did a few shoots with the Photoflex TritonFlash battery powered strobe and a 24″ Chinese lantern-style softbox called the WhiteDome. One of […]

  • […] It also highlights the versatility and portability of the TritonFlash batter powered strobe for photographing action and fast moving subjects. I’ve been using the TritonFlash for over a year now and have found it to be an excellent, and surprisingly packable unit for outdoor photography. You can read my full review of the TritonFlash here. […]

  • TiMo says:

    Hi Dan,
    I just have a question, did you try to use 2 Tritonflashheads with the Batterypack – did it work?
    Just thinking about using 2 heads on one battery pack
    Thanks for Information

  • Dan Bailey says:

    TiMO, I have not tried using two TritonFlash heads with the battery pack. I only have one head, but from what I know, you can indeed plug two heads into the pack. I’d be curious to hear how it works.

  • TiMo says:

    Thank you for your answer! 🙂
    Yes there are 2 Connectors, I would like to know if they have both the same Output. Elinchrom and Hensel have a reduced power on B.
    I think I will contact PF Alex for this 🙂

    I’m looking for an additional Flash for this at the Moment – I will Keep you informed!

  • […] also packed my Photoflex TritonFlash battery powered strobe, which works exceptionally well for shooting this kind of […]

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    Terry Bourk

    I have read you new book “Behind the Landscape.” I could not “put it down” meaning that I kept at it because each photo you presented/analyzed was interesting and informative. I am trying to develop an eye for composition (both the scene and the light).

    Thank you! The examples you present and the suggestions are very helpful. Purple Mountains, McKinley River and Wonder Lake are fascinating.

    Roger Sinclair

    You have done it again! Another triumph.

    Your generosity to share, the clarity of thought and concise explanation thereof is brilliant. Perhaps I should also mention the beautiful photos and the talent necessary to produce them.

    Thank you, Dan.