September 7


Recent Publication: 2013 Photoflex Catalog

By Dan

September 7, 2012

Another recent publication – This is a page from the 2013 Photoflex catalog that has just gone to press. It features one of my Alaska snow biking photos that was shot with the TritonFlash battery powered strobe.

The TritonFlash is an incredibly capable lighting unit that fits within my “Fast with light” photography style. It’s easy to pack and carry, even in the outdoors, powerful (up to 750 full power shots per battery charge), fast (can keep up to 7 frames per second), and as I’ve tested, it will work in extreme temperatures and conditions.

I use the TritonFlash for indoor portraits, as well as outdoor action and, as my testimonial in the Photoflex catalog states, it’s added an entire new dimension to my photography.

Read my full review of the TritonFlash, and see the detailed, how-to setup behind this snow biking image.

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