• Chris Martin says:

    Hi Dan,

    I’m one of the new readers. I’ve enjoyed several of your posts on the ins and outs of the stock agencies.

    The changes at Veer have hit home and I’m not sure whether I want to move to Corbis heavily. Your insight to these and other agencies is much appreciated.

    Your now in my RSS.



  • Chris Martin says:

    Um, that should be “You’re now in my RSS” – I’ll blame my fingers for that one!

  • Dan Bailey says:

    Thanks, Chris!

    The difficulty with the Corbis issue is that if we don’t keep submitting new work, and they do start producing strong sales, we’ll be left out in the cold. At the same time if we keep submitting our best imagery and it doesn’t sell, then we’re no better off.

    As I’ve experienced numerous times over the years, starting out with a new agency is tough too, because it takes years to build up a steady earning collection of imagery. It’s definitely a gamble: Do you stay with the agency that you’ve vested so much work with, or do you put your effort with someone new? The best answer is to diversify your collection across multiple agencies.

    I just sent Corbis some new work the other day, so I guess I still remain hopeful, although they’re not my only agency. As I mentioned, they have a very strong rights managed collection and they certainly do have the resources to remain competitive. We can only wait and see how they market plays itself out.

  • Chris Martin says:

    Thanks Dan.

    Definitely interesting times right now. I’m focused on my local area for events to shoot and clients to deliver solutions for right now. I think your advice to diversify is well made and that will be the “spare time” work for the next while.

    All the best to you.


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