• says:

    Hey Dan, nice write up. Have decided I need something better than the iPhone and smaller than the 5D to take with me everywhere, and you’ve just about convinced me to get the X20 over the X100s (although like you, I know I’ll still want the X100!). How does it go in the back pocket of a jersey? Can it handle a bit of damp? Or is it so cold up there that you guys don’t sweat that much on the bike?!


  • Dan says:

    Tim, I’ve been backcountry skiing with the X20 week and it’s been a great litter performer. I just keep it slung around my shoulder and use it in conjunction with my DSLR. And yes- it’s gotten quite snowy and wet at times, but that doesn’t seem to affect it at all. I wouldn’t submerge it, but it can definitely handle adverse conditions.

  • Scott says:

    I have the X10 and love it. It usually comes with me on my runs and I am quite happy with the results (I will have to post a sample over on your Flickr Group). I will have to check out the X20.

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