• […] also took along my Fuji X10, which I kept at close reach inside my front bike bag. I used it quite a bit during the sunset, […]

  • […] a look, so I I loaded up the little Cessna with some extra clothes, food, emergency gear and my Fujifilm X10, which has become my defacto airplane camera. It’s good enough to capture high quality […]

  • […] little camera. If you’ve so much as wandered anywhere near this site, then you already know how much I love the thing. As much as I covet the X100, the zoom and overall pricepoint makes the X10 much more usable for […]

  • […] this one with the Fujifilm X10. In fact, I used the X10 quite a bit on this trip; I kept it slung around one shoulder with my D700 […]

  • Colin Bowles says:

    Thouroughly endorse your comments. Had my X10 since April and love it. Had sensor upgrade fitted by Fuji. Now leave my Pentax and several lenses at home. Have a G9 as a back up. (Almost as good, but have to use extension tube to fit filters.)

    Have had a special two stage stepping ring made by SRB Griturn that allows me to use my 49mm filters (from Pentax), and also w/a Bower 0.45x supplementary lens – although latter does vignette at less than 35mm, and also barrels a little. However, nothing that Photoshop can’t correct.

  • […] camera that looked just like a real camera. They followed up with its little brother, the X10, and you know how much I love that one. Then came the 16MP interchangeable lens X-Pro 1, which rivals full frame sensors in terms of image […]

  • […] the this camera. I’m impressed at how well the image held up at a size of 4 by 6 feet. In my reviews of the X10, I often hold that it’s good enough for pro work, and this print is a testament to how good […]

  • Annika says:

    Hi Dan,
    Great reviews. I’m about to buy the X-10 and I wonder if it is capable of doing multiple exposure (double exposure) like many Fuji cameras? The X-F1 does it for sure according to the website. Maybe they could add it with new firmware?

  • Dan Bailey says:

    Annika, not that I know of. Perhaps that feature will be added in a future update.

  • Hendrik says:

    Do you have a special bag and/or sling for using the X10 while skiing or hiking?

  • Dan Bailey says:

    Hendrik, mostly I just keep it slung around my neck/shoulder by the strap. I also have the leather X10 case for times when I want to transport it by throwing it into a pack or duffle bag, but other than that, I don’t have any particular bag that I use when I’m carrying it in the outdoors. For biking, I’ll sometimes stash it in the handlebar or frame bag, and for hiking and skiing, I suspect that it would fit in any small waist or chest pouch.

  • […] kind of a frustrating focal length. It’s just not not wide enough for me. One of the reasons I love X10 is that it also goes 28mm on the wide […]

  • […] year, I wrote a post called 10 Things I Love About The X10. Everything I said back then applies to the X20. Overall, I think that Fujifilm did a great job […]

  • […] If you’ve read my blog before then you know how much I love the Fujifilm X10. […]

  • DAVE pao says:

    I’ve been reading loads of x10 and x100 reviews recently – and many are very, very good. But yours, here… Brilliant. Thank you very much.

  • Robert Brockmann says:

    Dan, I absolutely subscribe everything you say about the X10. Still madly in love with the little camera after almost a year. Made me rediscover photography. I harldy ever leave it at home. I made a print 1m x 70cm that you would be hard pressed to distinguish it from one made from an APS-C sensor. Cheers from Bolivia, where I live.

  • Craig says:

    Point 8 is amazing.

  • […] I have photographed action with the X20. I’ve used it for everything, and I find it to be an incredible versatile little camera. It even has an optical viewfinder, which I love way more than any EVF, so I actually shoot quit a bit while actually looking through the camera. I don’t need to gush about it here, you already know how much I love this little camera. […]

  • […] until now, I haven’t been a very big fan of EVFs. (Another reason I LOVE the optical viewfinder on the X20.) I just like the intrinsic nature of looking directly at my subject through the lens instead of […]

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    Terry Bourk

    I have read you new book “Behind the Landscape.” I could not “put it down” meaning that I kept at it because each photo you presented/analyzed was interesting and informative. I am trying to develop an eye for composition (both the scene and the light).

    Thank you! The examples you present and the suggestions are very helpful. Purple Mountains, McKinley River and Wonder Lake are fascinating.

    Roger Sinclair

    You have done it again! Another triumph.

    Your generosity to share, the clarity of thought and concise explanation thereof is brilliant. Perhaps I should also mention the beautiful photos and the talent necessary to produce them.

    Thank you, Dan.