Photosmith 2: Like Having Lightroom on Your iPad — 8 Comments

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  5. I installed version 2 last week and, while I’m extremely happy with the functionality, it’s probably worthwhile noting a couple of things. Firstly, there are still some stability problems and bugs with the latest version 2. I’ve been unable to populate collections using the drag and drop method, for example, and I have seen the app crash on a couple of occasions (though not enough to have me really worried about stability).

    The biggest issue that prevents this from being the perfect photo editing tool is, apparently, not a Photosmith-introduced problem but one that Apple caused. It is impossible to delete images from within the app. As a result, the workflow I’m going to have to adopt means that I import and do a basic cull using the standard iOS Photos application (which does allow me to delete) then, once I’m down to my keepers, import these into Photosmith for keywording and tagging. I really hope Apple removes the restriction preventing third party apps from deleting pictures since, as things stand, it’s the one roadblock that prevents Photosmith from being the (almost) perfect Lightroom companion.

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