Shooting RAW with the Fuji X-T1 — 6 Comments

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  5. Dan,
    I live in an area with lots of harsh sunlight, and Fuji’s film simulations and default settings are too contrasty to preserve shadow detail, even in post processing. I also found their default sharpening and noise reduction is smoothing out too much fine details, especially for skin and hair.
    As in your findings, i found the raw to be much better to gather more details and dynamic range.

    I did, however, found the best jpeg settings (for me) for post processing are as follows:
    Pro Negative Standard
    color +2 (boosting the flat look of
    noise reduction -2
    sharpness – 2

    The resulting jpegs are soft, but allow for much greater degree of tone reproduction and detail sharpening without the over processed look.

    Thanx for sharing your experiences so far.


  6. Just a clarification on the jpeg settings in the post above:
    simulation: Pro Negative Standard
    colour: +2 (boosting the flat look of
    noise reduction: -2
    sharpness: –2


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