• Christy says:

    Thanks for this post. As a newbie to photography, I really appreciate finding new awesome outdoor photographers to learn from. Any more you would like to share would also be appreciated!

  • Bret Edge says:

    Wow, Dan…thanks so much for including my blog. This is some seriously awesome company to keep and I’m honored to be on the list. Much appreciated!

  • Dan Bailey says:

    You’re welcome, Bret. Keep up the good work and come visit me next time you’re in Alaska!

  • Guy Tal says:

    Thank you so much, Dan! Sorry I didn’t see this post until you mentioned it. I’m honored to be in such great company.


  • […] Tal’s work every since I stumbled across his website, and in fact I featured him as one my 5 favorite landscape photographers of late. His imagery is top notch and he makes excellent use of color, form and environment. Any […]

  • Hi,
    Nice landscape photographer blogs. It is very much appreciated. Keep post bolgs like this.
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    Thanks a lot

  • Paul says:

    I liked this one John Cornforth, Washington, but all the photos are amazing! Good Job Dan.

  • Simon Green says:

    Wonderful photos Dan, are these photos, particularly John Conforth’s mountain and forest scenery available to be purchased for a interior landscaping project? It would be great to try and recreate the feeling of a vast beautiful open space inside the office.

  • pewdoc says:

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