• Fayme Way says:

    Summer was great, bought my Nikon D700 and tried out some great lenses! Got to photograph kiteboarding and meet some great people. And I’m ending the summer by going to The Adventure Photography Workshop! How was everyone else’s summer??

  • Rick says:

    Here’s one of my better shots from this summer:

    I did a lot of monochrome toward the end of the summer. This particular shot is from the Walla Walla River in Northeastern Oregon. Note: Click image to view large.

  • My summer was awesome! I sold my house, closed my business, started a new life, travelled across North America (in an easterly direction). I bought some Singh-Ray filters which I love. Now I’m turning south and I’m going to try to catch up with summer again! Come to think of it, I think this might have been the best summer ever.

  • Beate Dalbec says:

    I had a great trip to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons, even so it seemed that summer had not arrived there – still quite a bit of snow – but it made for great photo opportunities and only few tourists. You can check out my gallery from my trip at . Now I am eagerly waiting for fall color!

  • Bret Edge says:

    I had an awesome summer! It began with a 2 week trip to the Oregon coast with my family. The highlight was sitting on the beach, eating pizza and drinking a beer, next to a campfire. I managed to make a few nice images, too. I took a few short trips here and there, a couple of which were on my new motorcycle, and we spent almost 2 weeks in the Colorado Rockies. My favorite images of the summer came from a wetland area that was burned in a wildfire earlier this year. I’m eager for fall to arrive as it is my favorite season but I’m also looking forward to next year’s crop of wildflowers. Just never satisfied, am I?

    I enjoyed reading about every else’s summer adventures. Keep ’em coming!

  • Summer is over? Really? I can’t remember going through a summer…wow…
    Mine was good, busy but good. Not a whole lot of shooting, but a lot of exciting discussions, plans, projects. I feel like I have crossed yet another plateau in my photography this summer and feel that much better about it. Still getting better, still trying new things, still pushing my limits. Here is to pushing them more!

  • Bill Bean says:

    Technically summer isn’t over for about 8 more hours so I guess this qualifies. Great trip to Moab in the Spring to spend a long weekend hanging out with about 20 photographer friends from RMNP. Made my usual pilgrimage to Crested Butte for wildflowers in July. But the crowning event was spending a week around Sedona, AZ after my daughter’s wedding on 9/10/11. Here’s a link to my gallery from that trip.

  • Kent Mearig says:

    Well Dan, to me it actually feels like summer was over a long time ago. I got a head start in early June, and I took three amazing trips in addition to the experiences at home. No trips were really dedicated to photography as a whole, but I got to stop by Yosemite, Sedona, Denali, Glennallen, Seward, Painted Hills, and Crater Lake.

    A few weeks ago, I got to watch the finished version of a short film that I made some small contributions to, and I also signed a contract with Alaska Stock to cap the whole summer off. Today there was a ton of fresh snow on the higher peaks, and even some lower ones got a fair dusting. Others may be looking forward to fall, but I see winter standing on my doorstep.

  • Birgit says:

    I was kayaking half the Norwegain coastline and posted photos from every singel day (56 in total) here:

    – Birgit

  • Josh Eades says:

    This summer was extremely short. I didn’t get a chance to head out and do everything I wanted to. Next year I am going to try and live out my dream of moving to Alaska. I did go out on the water though and some other things….but not nearly anything I had hoped for.

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