• wfinley says:

    This post begs posting a link to Liam Fitzpatrick’s iphone art!

    I’ll trade you my old iphone for an 85mm lens.

  • Peter Aikins says:

    This post seems to contradict the earlier post by you stating it is not about the gear.

  • Dan Bailey says:

    You’re absolutely right, Peter. Hmmm… which one do you think more accurately reflects my true insight about gear and which one is a think is a blatant attempt to incite discussion and be funny? Thanks for reading.

  • Matt says:

    I enjoyed both this post and the previous and seemingly contradictory post. I think both posts are correct. It’s not about the gear and it is about the gear. It’s always good to have the right tool for the job. In our high-tech society it’s easy to get a bad case of gear fever. You don’t necessarily need Thor’s Hammer for a penny nail even if you would look really cool carrying it around.

  • Steve says:

    I certainly noticed the difference when I upgraded from a Nikon D90 to a D3s.
    A good prime lens also makes a big difference especially in tricky lighting situations:

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  • Greg Moffatt says:

    I loved this article – came to it late after all the articles about not needing the latest expensive gear. Brilliant Dan. I appreciated and loved the humour.

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