• Joe says:

    Hi Dan

    Congrats on the new book.

    I’ve been following your blog off and on for some time now but I’ve not caught up on your recent postings. I have a question re the X-T10: Is there any reason why you would pick the X-T10 over the X-T1 for adventure/outdoor sports photography? Apologies if this point has been covered in a previous post, but as I said, I’ve not caught up on your recent posts.


  • Dan Bailey says:

    Hi Joe- thanks for your comments. The best reason to pick the X-T10 over the X-T1 is for weight. If you’re looking for an ultra lightweight, yet capable camera for travel or the backcountry, the X-T1 does almost everything the X-T1 does, in a smaller, lighter body.

    While there are a few design/knob/menu differences, in my mind, the only major performance differences between the two are that the X-T10 is not weather sealed, and it has a smaller internal memory, which means in RAW, it can only fire about 6-8 frames on CH before stuttering (10-12 in JPEG), whereas the X-T1 will fire 30+ frames in RAW before slowing down. You can still shoot action with the 10, just can’t spray and pray as much or shoot long action sequences as you can with the 1. Also, the X-T10’s EVF is slightly smaller, but it’s the same resolution, so it still looks great when you look through the viewfinder.

    Under the hood, it’s the same sensor, image processor and AF system, so you’re getting the same image quality and AF tracking performance. If you don’t need weather sealing (I’ve used my X-T10 in light rain with no issues), and you don’t shoot tons of super fast action, then I’d consider the X-T10. It may come down to buffer size: Adventure/outdoor camera- X-T10. Hardcore sports/action camera, or if you have big hands – X-T1.

    Hope that helps.

  • Michael says:

    My first camera was a Canon AE1, grteeast camera, technologically and ergonomically. So when at first saw this one, i had to rub my eyes because it felt like I was dreaming. Those who owned one can recognize the feeling one felt having this camera in your hands as you bring it close to your eye and prepare your photo, a feeling that scapes words. And here is just like a phoenix coming out of the ashes: simply gorgeous. Canon AE 1 had a very advance focus system which thanks to it, I discovered that I suffer from Keratoconus, I had to quit photography until the recent coming of digital technology. Keep my address and contact me when pre-orders are accepted. Masterful and well crafted design.

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