• […] it was a great question, so I’ll repeat my answer here to the rest of you. Read full story => DanBaileyPhoto Share this: In category: In the NewsTags:Cameras , Cloud Computing , Email , Java , OS X , […]

  • […] shots that just help tell the story and flesh out the adventure. In fact, this combo has become my de-facto light and fast adventure photography setup: DSLR, fixed wide angle, lightweight telephoto zoom and the X20. Boom. I’m ready to roll, […]

  • […] In March, I met Glenn Charles, a fellow adventurer and photographer who came to Alaska to ride his snow bike for two months in the cold. I had a great time hanging out with Glenn during his visit. I took him on a winter bush plane ride in the little Cessna, (we even landed on Lake George again!) and we had an awesome day riding our snow bikes out to the Knik Glacier. […]

  • […] sometimes get confused when I go back and forth between my Nikon DSLRs and my little Fuji cameras, (I often use them in tandem) and having the viewfinders all in the same place on my cameras will make things flow much more […]

  • […] few weeks later, Glenn showed up in Anchorage again and we hooked up for some quality ice biking and picture taking on the Kink Glacier. In addition, I fed him, let him crash at my house for a few days, introduced him to some of my […]

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