X Series Evolved – My Full Review of the Fujifilm X-T2 — 21 Comments

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  2. Dan, thanks a lot. I’ve been reading the flood of reviews released with the XT-2, but yours is the first that was actually useful to me.

  3. Robert, thanks so much for the comment, I’m glad you found my review helpful. I tried to include lots of images and let them do the talking. 🙂 What are you shooting with now?

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  5. Hi Dan – it’s been a while since we’ve communicated on the internet… your write up on the X10 got me into Fuji… and that was a great camera that was a great everyday carry as opposed to lugging the Nikon gear around… I have since had an X-Pro1 which I have run in parallel with my Nikon gear for fashion shoots… I didn’t buy into the X-T1 as I had a feeling the X-Pro2 would be around the corner… IF that had a tilt screen it would have been a buy now… the X-T2 when I had a play with it… well it is a game changer for sure… Pre-Order button will be pressed this weekend after reading your very balanced and well written review! Thanks Dan…

  6. Hi David,

    Thanks for your comment. Great to hear from you again, I’m glad to hear that you’ve been happy with the X Series system so far. I think you’ll be blown away by the X-T2 once you get it in your hands and you have a chance to explore its full capabilities. Won’t be long now, September is right around the corner! -Dan

  7. With the X-T1 I constantly find myself accidentally changing the Drive Dial, mostly when turning the ISO Dial. Also the flatness of all buttons and the 4-way Selector and Dials is a problem for my [once frozen]fingertips. Have any of these been improved?

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  9. The Drive Dial on the X-T2 has been improved somewhat. It’s a more pronounced lever with more solid detents between clicks. I’ve found it to be a little easier to navigate than the Drive Dial on the X-T1. Of course I’ve only used the X-T2 in summer so far, but given the design tweak, I can see it being a little easier to manipulate while wearing gloves.

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  13. Great review and thank you!

    Can you let me know what card you used and the write speed of the uhs ii memory card?


  14. For this test, I used a UHS-II 260MB/s. I also use a Sandisk 95MB/S UHS-I card with good results, but the UHS-II cards give me max performance and higher write speeds for shooting lots of continuous action.

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  16. Gracias por la descripción y la pasión puesta en describir la X-T2 que, a mí también me parece una cámara excelente. ¿Sabe usted si habrá dentro de poco un libro que trate en detalle las características y diversas funcionalidades de la X-T2? Ya existen libros sobre otras cámaras; como por ejemplo la Sony A7R. Por la espectacular acogida que está teniendo la X-T2 en el mercado, creo que sería el momento de sacar un libro específico de la X-T2. Un saludo

  17. Steve- I wouldn’t say it’s collecting dust, but it doesn’t get used as often these days. Right now it’s a backup to my X-T2, and I’ll use it as a second body, or loan it out to friends and workshop participants.

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