• Angela says:

    Hi Dan,
    Congratulations! I don’t normally comment … but 2 million page views is a big deal! I figure it’s about time I thank you as I generally check your website every week or so. I initially checked out your website when it came up in a search regarding Photo Mechanic. I read the blog post “4 Reasons Why I’m in Love with Photo Mechanic Software” and came back looking for the followup post you mentioned you were going to post regarding how you use it in your workflow in conjunction with Lightroom. I’ve never found that post, but I’ve enjoyed everything else so much I look forward to your next adventure or review. Please keep up the good work, and know that there are many of us reading your blog without saying anything, but deeply appreciate your time and effort. Congrats again and hopefully you’ll hit 5 million even sooner! Cheers!


  • Dan Bailey says:

    Angela, thanks so much for the comment. I really appreciate your kind words, it means a great deal that you’d take the time to write a note like this. I’m glad I’ve been able to provide you with helpful information and adventurous entertainment over the past year. 🙂 You’re right, I still haven’t gotten around to writing that second Photo Mechanic post, I just found myself too busy during the past few months. However, it’s coming, I promise! In fact, since you asked, I’ll definitely make a note to get it done soon. Thanks again for the congratulations- what kind of photography do you like to shoot? – Dan

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